because no two students are the same

At Virtual Flute Academy, we customize your learning experience to fit your goals and current ability. We have experience teaching students of all ages and abilities, so we know all the best ways to build on what you already know.


As versatile teachers, we know that no two learners are alike, which is why we have compiled a library with hundreds of exercises to use with our VFA students! 

Wonder how we can best help you Level Up Your Playing? Check out current VFA offerings below or drop us a note to be in touch directly. 


In this 30-day session, receive a personalized Technique Plan and access to unlimited mini-lessons, feedback, and support from us. Practice at your own pace, and let us know when you're ready for a new challenge.


Learn all about our Technique Sessions.  

Working on a solo, excerpt, band music, or just want some feedback the quality of your sound or articulation? We would be happy to take a listen! Single submissions are perfect for players of all abilities, as well as our fellow educators who want some tips to bring back to their classrooms.


See if a single submission is right for you. 

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Looking for real-time, one-on-one guidance? Sounds like you'd enjoy a private lesson! In these sessions, we cover a range of material that will address fundamental aspects of your playing, as well as solos, etudes, or other pieces. Offered by both Kristen and Rucha, you're sure to leave a stronger player!


Learn more about lessons.